Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN: The Use of Hydrotherapy

As a licensed and qualified physical therapist, Rochester, MN, native Michael Milnes has operated a private practice for more than two decades. His practice has expanded steadily over the years due to, among other reasons, his desire to integrate better approaches to physical therapy. One of these approaches is hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy entails the use of water in providing therapy. It is a practice that relies on water's various properties to allow exercise. The increased buoyancy in water, for example, allows more activity to be performed than would be permitted on a hard surface. The water temperature can also be raised and decreased at will, promoting circulation of blood and flexibility.

To conduct hydrotherapy, a unique pool has to be used. One of the main aspects of this pool is the temperature functionality, which allows a patient to fully relax in warm water, thus encouraging circulation and reducing pain. A hydrotherapy pool is typically rectangular and can vary in depth to allow for deep-water work. Many pools also have a hoist to support patients who cannot enter the pool on their own.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial in treating a number of bone and soft tissue injuries, as well as neuromuscular conditions. The buoyancy of water allows individuals to exercise in a comfortable setting with a decreased gravitational force. Thus there's less stress on joints such as the hips and knees. Elderly patients who would not be able to exercise on land can find it more comfortable in the water.

Michael Milnes encourages the use of hydrotherapy to many of his patients.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Michael Milnes - Useful Tips for Physical Therapists

Michael Milnes is a physical therapist who has been working in the medical field since 1996. He received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Minnesota that year, and has been working in Rochester, Minnesota ever since. Physical therapists take on a great deal of responsibility. Here are some useful tips for practicing physical therapists in the field.

Michael Milnes First, communicate with your patients as much as possible. Medical professionals need to learn how to communicate with their patients because they are always going to be more knowledgeable. This means that when dealing with a patient, he or she might not be able to accurately describe their injury, pain levels, or what happened to them in the first place. Learn how to communicate with a layman in order to be successful.

Second, get your patients up and moving. The more active you force your patients to be, the faster they will be able to overcome their injuries. Whether a patient is suffering from an acute or chronic injury, movement is the key to managing pain and recovery in general. Figure out ways to motivate your patients to move; this means finding out what they like to do, and building exercises from that source.

Third, tell your patients to get plenty of rest during recovery. Sleep is when the body heals the most, which means it’s especially important during injury recovery. Physical therapy will work the body as a whole, so it’s important that you get enough sleep in order to allow your muscles time to heal in between exercises.

Michael Milnes tries to help his patients recover from injury as much as possible.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Michael Milnes - How to Find your Target Audience

Michael Milnes started his own physical therapy clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in the 1990’s to provide a much-needed service to people there. Milnes still offers the best possible physical therapy treatments and methods he can to the community while still advertising and finding new customers whenever possible. Milnes has used the information on his target audience in the Rochester area to build his business with smart, targeted advertising. Finding a target audience can be tricky, as can finding a way to make your business appeal to that audience.
Michael Milnes

Michael Milnes knows that it can be difficult to find a target audience for one’s particular business. Target audiences are the people businesses are most likely to sell their products or services to. Milnes’s target audience, for example, is made up of athletes, older patients, and those who are seeking noninvasive treatment for injuries to soft tissue like muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Business owners like Milnes has to get into the psyche of the people around them who are most likely to be their customers and draw out a narrative and message from their brand they are most likely to latch onto. Milnes, even though he provides a health service, has to market his brand like any other small business in the Rochester area.

Michael Milnes continues to build his business for his target audience. His clients in his community know that his work is for them and their continued health, which explains why his physical therapy business has done so well over the past 20 years in the Rochester area.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Michael Milnes - Why Athletes Use Physical Therapists

Michael Milnes has worked with many different local and national athletes over his 20-year career as a physical therapist in Rochester, Minnesota. Milnes works with people who have hurt themselves in car accidents and other serious incidents. Over the past few years, Milnes has seen more professional and amateur athletes come into his office for his healing work so they can perform at their highest levels and prevent injuries when they’re in competition or training.

Michael Milnes Athletes visit physical therapists to receive treatment for injuries and to help them prevent injuries in the past. Michael Milnes has developed many new treatments specifically for athletes to improve their tendon and ligament strength while working to repair soft tissue damage. Sometimes athletes have to build strength in different areas of the body after they break bones or sustain other structural damage. Not only does working with a physical therapist help athletes adapt to injuries and perform well in spite of them, it also helps them prevent injuries in the future by building gradual strength in their muscles, tendons, and ligaments so they can perform at their highest levels.

Michael Milnes continues to work with athletes in his area to help them improve their work on the court, and on the field. Milnes works to ensure that all of his patients, athletes, or not, have a chance to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities no matter how they use their bodies. His clinic features state-of-the-art equipment so that he can perform the best possible treatments for each individual patient.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Michael Milnes - Three Tools All Entrepreneurs Need

Michael Milnes started his own company in Rochester, Minnesota. He works as a physical therapist in this community to help people gain strength and recover from serious injuries. He is extremely well qualified and trained in many different physical therapy techniques and equipment so that all of his clients can benefit from their time in his office. Milnes is constantly learning new ways to help please his clients, but he also has to run his business. Here are three tools all entrepreneurs need to keep their doors open to continue to offer their services to their communities: 

Michael Milnes

  • Good management. All entrepreneurs need to have their management teams fully on deck and ready to drive the company. Michael Milnes made sure to hire the best and brightest office managers and assistants so that all of his clients would feel comfortable and to help him with the task of running his business. 
  • Passion. It sounds simple, but all entrepreneurs need to be passionate about their products and services. Of course the goal of all businesses is to make money, but at the end of a very long day, entrepreneurs need to have the drive to get up early and do it all again. The odds are overwhelmingly against them at all times. The only way to survive is to want it more than their competitors. 
  • Funding. Entrepreneurs need enough capital to keep their businesses running for at least six months into the future so that even if their businesses don’t make enough money at all times to be self-sufficient—which is common in the first six months to a year or more—they can continue to operate. 

Michael Milnes has found success in the Rochester area.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Michael Milnes - Looking for New Opportunities

Michael Milnes worked and studied hard to earn his degrees in Physical and Occupational Therapy from the University of Wisconsin. He was inspired to be a physical therapist by his parents and their physical therapist, who worked with them to help them recover fully from a serious car accident they suffered with Michael was only six years old. At the time of the accident, Michael was of course afraid and upset, and it took him many years to fully get over the emotional toll that it took on him. In many ways, he hasn’t gotten over it. But his parents survived and even regained their full lives afterward thanks to an especially talented and expertly trained physical therapist in the Twin Cities. Watching his parents take their treatment and improve their strength and mobility over time inspired young Michael.

Michael MilnesMichael Milnes now runs a clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, near where his parents now live. He is a member of the American Physical Therapists’ Association and the Minnesota Physical Therapists’ Association. As a member of both of these professional organizations, he voluntarily receives new training and earns new certifications in and more effective physical therapy treatments. He loves to pass on this new knowledge to his clients in the Rochester area so they can benefit from the growing knowledge in the physical therapist community with new treatments for specific cases and problems.

Michael Milnes has recently started to offer water physical therapy, which uses the properties of water in warm pools to ease muscle, ligament, joint, and bone pain to treat the painful symptoms of serious injury, help people relax their bodies while adding strength thanks to the resistance of the water. Milnes has only begun to explore this new form of physical therapy and continues to bring in new equipment and training to his practice to help his clients the absolute most from his services. Milnes has added many new equipment pieces to his practice over the years to help patients recover quicker and to help regain their strength and mobility.

Michael Milnes has helped many people in his career recover from serious injury, improve their strength training regimen and find new ways to exercise in a more efficient manner. His understanding of how human bodies build strength and recover from damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints has produced excellent results in his patients for over 20 years. During that time, Milnes has become a welcome and popular member of the Rochester community and the surrounding area. He continues to give back to his community as often as possible and works with patients on their terms. Milnes works to improve the physical health of all of his clients in Rochester.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Michael Milnes - Starting a Physical Therapy Practice - The Business Behind the Business

When Michael Milnes started his own physical therapy practice in 1997, he had some idea of how he wanted to structure his business and his plans to grow. But he soon learned that it takes a lot of business savvy to run a practice. After getting some advice from a college friend who studied business, Michael Milnes knew he needed to develop a solid business plan if he was going to be successful. He started by answering some questions.  Michael Milnes
  1. How will the business be successful?
  2. What will make the business unique and stand out from the competition?
  3. Where will the money for the business come from? Investors or out of pocket savings?
  4. How much money is needed for startup costs? How much is needed for the first 6 months? How much for the first year?
  5. What is the target revenue so the business will be profitable? What are the financial goals for the first year and the first 5 years?
  6. If there are partners in the business, how will they play a role? How will important decisions be made? How will new partners be added? How will partners be removed?
  7. Will there need to be employees? If so, how many? What will the hiring and training processes be like?
Michael Milnes considered questions like these before opening his practice almost two decades ago and continues to revise his answers to fit the needs of his growing business. He is proud to have won the ‘Best in Rochester’ award from physical therapy in 2008 and 2013.