Sunday, 18 September 2016

Michael Milnes - How to Find your Target Audience

Michael Milnes started his own physical therapy clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in the 1990’s to provide a much-needed service to people there. Milnes still offers the best possible physical therapy treatments and methods he can to the community while still advertising and finding new customers whenever possible. Milnes has used the information on his target audience in the Rochester area to build his business with smart, targeted advertising. Finding a target audience can be tricky, as can finding a way to make your business appeal to that audience.
Michael Milnes

Michael Milnes knows that it can be difficult to find a target audience for one’s particular business. Target audiences are the people businesses are most likely to sell their products or services to. Milnes’s target audience, for example, is made up of athletes, older patients, and those who are seeking noninvasive treatment for injuries to soft tissue like muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Business owners like Milnes has to get into the psyche of the people around them who are most likely to be their customers and draw out a narrative and message from their brand they are most likely to latch onto. Milnes, even though he provides a health service, has to market his brand like any other small business in the Rochester area.

Michael Milnes continues to build his business for his target audience. His clients in his community know that his work is for them and their continued health, which explains why his physical therapy business has done so well over the past 20 years in the Rochester area.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Michael Milnes - Why Athletes Use Physical Therapists

Michael Milnes has worked with many different local and national athletes over his 20-year career as a physical therapist in Rochester, Minnesota. Milnes works with people who have hurt themselves in car accidents and other serious incidents. Over the past few years, Milnes has seen more professional and amateur athletes come into his office for his healing work so they can perform at their highest levels and prevent injuries when they’re in competition or training.

Michael Milnes Athletes visit physical therapists to receive treatment for injuries and to help them prevent injuries in the past. Michael Milnes has developed many new treatments specifically for athletes to improve their tendon and ligament strength while working to repair soft tissue damage. Sometimes athletes have to build strength in different areas of the body after they break bones or sustain other structural damage. Not only does working with a physical therapist help athletes adapt to injuries and perform well in spite of them, it also helps them prevent injuries in the future by building gradual strength in their muscles, tendons, and ligaments so they can perform at their highest levels.

Michael Milnes continues to work with athletes in his area to help them improve their work on the court, and on the field. Milnes works to ensure that all of his patients, athletes, or not, have a chance to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities no matter how they use their bodies. His clinic features state-of-the-art equipment so that he can perform the best possible treatments for each individual patient.